Hausinger & Associates, Inc. is a full service Ground Water Supply Contractor established in 1993.  Call 941-721-7667 or fax us at 941-721-8878...
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Major Equipment
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Major Equipment

  • 2007 Versa Drill V-2000-tophead drive 80,000 lbs. pullback rotary drill rig mounted on a HME 6x6 carrier.  Mission 3x4x13 mud pump 300 GPM@230 PSI, 300 CFM@200 PSI air compressor,. 2,000 of 4 1/2" drill pipe & collars for both mud and reverse air drilling methods.


  • 500 GPM mud recycling system 80 barrel tank capacity.


  • 1999 Century Geophysical Logging System with 3000' capability


  • 2001 Cues Radial color video logging system with 3500' capability


  • Cementing System mixes and pumps 300 cubit feet per hour from our on site silos.


  • Support Trucks, backhoe loader, test pumps, and power units


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